The Cats are four years old today

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Bon-Bon and Biscuit are four today! 
Compared to their previous Birthday, both are now equally affectionate to us – Bon-Bon had always been a little ‘stand-offish’, but she’s now much more chilled. Biscuit has even strayed onto my lap VERY occasionally! No chance with Bon-Bon though!!!

Since discovering Patsy the cat-groomer over in Rushden, their coats are now looking a lot better. Patsy clearly loves cats and it shows!!
The cats are in the garden at every possible opportunity. The only time when they wouldn’t go out was when it snowed recently. Having said that, once I’d cleared the snow out of the way and created a path for them, they were out like a shot.
Food-wise, they’re very similar in their tastes. They’re both still eating both wet and dry food although experimenting with other wet-types as a replacement for the Purina Gourmet Pearl Mini Fillets brand has resulted in upset stomachs and exploding bottoms – nice! especially with a white cat. Why can’t poo match the cat’s coat colour?

Their morning routine is the same as last year. As soon as I’m up, Bon-Bon is ahead of me, waiting for me to open the patio-doors. Biscuit still prefers to lie-in, but occasionally joins Bon-Bon but then returns to her corner of our bed as soon as she can.
Bon-Bon will happily stay out there whatever the weather. In fact, she seems to like all weathers – even when it’s pissing-down. They both still drink the green pond-water although since I put an extra bowl of water outside they tend to make that their first stop when we let them out.

They are still very comfortable in each other’s company. They don’t sleep together anymore – I think that was part of the kitten-phase, but at least they get on and don’t scrap (apart from the odd ‘playful chase’).
As last year, it’s become a lot easier to get them in from the garden at night. In fact, crouching down and calling them, tends to have them come running. Failing that, turning on the outside light or shaking a sachet of cat-food normally does the trick.
In fact, they’re starting to become quite obedient. On a few occasions (note ‘few’), call them and they come running!
Biscuit is no longer sitting on the fence (wouldn’t make a good HR person then!) that separates us from the neighbours opposite – she now prefers the corner between us, Karen’s and where Tom used to live. The interesting thing is that she never strays into the other gardens.

The Cat-Tower is still a fave place for them to sleep during the day.They seem to take it in turns as to who has the top bunk. At night, they still both follow us up to bed. Biscuit is normally there first, and up onto the bed. She now regularly expects a bit of a comb-out before settling down. Bon-Bon still hates being groomed – I never realised cats could growl!!!

Bon-Bon still has this habit of tapping plants with her paw – weird!!! – a sort of ‘handshake’ – and she’s still offering her paw when we hold out our hand  – very dog-like. We’re not sure what’s happened the cat from opposite, but we don’t see it as often and it’s not terrorising Biscuit and Bon-Bon – apart from one solitary incident earlier this year. Size-wise, they don’t seem to have grown much -they’re still similar in size. Fortunately their coats don’t seem to get as knotty now – the regular grooming does the trick.

We lurve cats! – especially our two!!
The photo above, was taken by Nigel when they were kittens. Ahhh!

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