TV: Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special – ‘A Christmas Carol’

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three star
Who_Christmas_Special_2010For me, a devoted Who-fan, this has been the most eagerly awaited TV programme of the Christmas period. Penned by the new Who Supremo, Steven  Moffat, it weaves a parallel tale of the story of Scrooge – just right for Christmas Day! 

In contrast to last year’s yuletide Tennant-exit storyline, this episode wasn’t hyped to death, and spanned just one 60 minute episode.

Well, it was a certainly well-acted. Michael Gambon probably stole the show, he seem to command such presence with everything he said. Katherine Jenkins (in her first acting role) was very convincing, whilst Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – Who regulars and now the honey-mooning couple, performed with conviction. Matt Smith was his normal manic self and I’m not sure whether his interpretation of the Who character is going to become irritating (for me) after a while!

The storyline was very strong, although fish pulling carriages did, I suspect for many, stretch the imagination a bit – good job it’s Christmas! I liked the to-ing and fro-ing with the timeline, especially the multiple visits by the Doctor on Christmas Eve, as it created some extra tension with the storyline which seemed to be a little slow to get going. The added surprise (but I guess it was obvious, when you think about it) was hearing Katherine Jenkins sing, towards the end of the episode – such a beautiful voice, but for me, spoilt, by the post-production which made her lip-syncing and EQ look and sound very obvious.

Not the best episode of the Matt-Smith-era I’ve seen, but all-in-all, a warm-hearted jaunt, and spot-on for this time of year.

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