Cats’ Grooming/Shopping/Denise and Steve’s for Dinner

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Took the cats over for their normal grooming regime. Only this time, we didn’t have them bathed. They still looked great when they came out! And, it only cost 50 quid this time. Money well spent!!

On the way back from dropping off the cats we went shopping in town. Wow, what a spend up!!! Ann bought a Raymond Weil watch – half price and I bought more trousers, jeans and shirts.

We let them out into the garden as normal when we got back. A few minutes later, the cat from over the back appeared and attacked Bon-Bon :(((

Luckily, I found a shoe and threw it at their cat, and it ran off! (Well, wouldn’t you? Have you seen my shoes?)

We went over to Denise and Steve’s in Bedford. Gill and Chris were there too. It’s been a while since we all got together. Steve’s buying a serious boat and also entering the Fastnet race – very serious stuff – we hadn’t realised he was into that sort of thing and we spent most of the evening cracking one-liners relating to boats/ships/parrots/eye patches etc. :))

The weather today has been very, very wet. Areas such as Evesham had water halfway up the side of shops – scary stuff!!!

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