Film: Split

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We took the long journey (just short of 600m!) down to Jo and Janet’s tonight for some ‘nosebag’ and to watch the Film – Split.

The film is part of the trilogy that includes Unbreakable (2000) and the (very) recent Glass (2019) that we saw back in January. The Director M. Nigh Shyamalan is actually in the film too – see if you can spot him! 👍

But before a good film and good food, in our world, there’s always Gin – and with Jo, like me, being a lover of the ‘juniper juice’, there’s plenty of choice!

Gin, Gin and more Gin! 😁

Whilst Ann opted for a raspberry-based tipple, Jo and I went ‘old school’ and sampled the French Naud at a cheeky 44%!

Food was of the normal ‘super-salad’, and we ate on our laps whilst watching the Movie…


…followed by Key-lime Pie 👍

How about the film? Well, some very tense moments, and it’s not one for those with a nervous disposition! Still, watching James McAvoy seamlessly switch between his characters’ different personalities was an actor doing what actors do best! Amazing stuff!

Nice twist in the very final scene too – don’t skip it because you think the film’s ‘done’.

All-in-all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening! 😁😁

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