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school I travelled down to the BRIT School for an OCA committee meeting today. It’s over 100 miles, so I left early – really early (4.45am)in order to miss the traffic round the M25 and especially the south-side of the Dartford Bridge.

The meeting was originally scheduled fro 13th February, but the snow and the general driving conditions then, made it a bit of a risky venture for me – so it was postponed.

I had a smooth run down all the way to Mum’s. She sorted me out with coffee and toast and I spent about 45 minutes chatting about this-and-that. Mum seem to be pre-occupied with Dad’s death (1991) and was looking and sounding a bit frail and emotional.

I left about 8.15 and it took me an hour to cover the final few miles. I’d quite forgotten how congested the area had become and it was a slow, torturous journey!

Arriving at 9.15, I parked the car in the car-park next door and headed for Reception. The BRIT School has a big extension going on and although there weren’t any pupils or teachers on-site, the whole place was buzzing with activity – because of that, the front car-park was full of contractor cars and vans.

We started on time, and in my view, it was a very productive meeting. We were all finished by just after 1. After some faffing-around by me, I was away by 1.30 and had a trouble-free journey home. I was indoors by 3.30! Not bad.

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