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Another manic day! It began gently with Nick, my Accountant, arriving as planned just before 8am, to go through last year’s figures. We’re slightly down on turnover, but enjoyed a good jump in profits! With all that sorted, it was then off to London again!

I’m not sure how I managed to schedule things that way as
I’d been in London last night (very nice), travelled all the way home and then returned there today. Although it’s all for pleasure, it didn’t feel like it had been the best demonstration of my planning abilities!

So, I jumped on the 10.23 from Kettering and got into London about an hour later. The plan was to meet Keith W from the Old Croydonians’ Association for a spot of lunch and to thank him for his good work on the proof-reading of the most recent edition of the OCA Magazine.

Garfunkel's Restaurant
We hadn’t pre-planned anywhere to eat – the idea was that I call him as soon as I got into London. Keith rang me, just as I arrived and we agreed to meet at Victoria Station then play it by ear. Keith’s train arrived at about 1.15 and after a bit ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’, we decided to try Garfunkel’s on the upper-floor at Victoria Station. As things turned out, the meal and the service was first-class.

We put the world to rights, reflected on the Magazine and had time to talk about the OCs as well! An enjoyable and productive get-together.

I left Keith to his cigarettes and headed for the Tube. Although the connections were good, I missed the 3.00pm train to Kettering by a whisper and joined the hundreds, no, thousands (why so popular?) queuing for the 3.30.

I was home by 4.45 which gave me just enough time to catch-up with my business paperwork before we’re off out again tonight to meet-up with our good friends Paul and Sue at The Swan in Lamport

Busy Busy!

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