Meal with Paul and Sue

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The Swan at Lamport We caught up with Paul and Sue at The Swan in Lamport tonight. I haven’t been there for a few years (when I met up with Ian and Mags for our Christmas do in December 2008) and Ann hasn’t for about 20 years when she and I last went there together!

We left around 7.20 – a little earlier than planned because the weather had turned nasty. Rain, rain and more rain – the really wet variety!!!

On arrival, the place was really busy (and that’s always a good sign). We settled down in some nice comfy chairs whilst we perused the menu. There was so much good food on it, it was difficult to decide, but we got there in the end – Ann, the duck and me the blade of beef.

A short while later, we were ushered into the restaurant where our pre-ordered drinks were already waiting for us. The starters quickly followed and we got stuck in! Gorgeous!

Service was very efficient and friendly too and it all contributed to a really great experience. The girls declined the desserts, but Paul and I did the decent thing and picked ours and asked for two spoons each – just in case they changed their mind. They did! I think I got about a quarter of my sticky toffee pudding!!

When we left about 10, it was starting to dry up – thank goodness – as Sue and I swapped some work-related paperwork.

We took a slightly different route back, which was quicker and we were home in about 20 minutes.

A great evening!!

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