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Unusually, Ann’s away this weekend. It’s a work-do celebrating the company’s birthday – 10 years. All staff are invited…a few thousand…but no partners.

image So, Lee and I are fending for ourselves whilst ‘the cat’s’ away. I took Lee to have a look at a possible property to consider moving into later this year. It’s in Avondale Mews in Kettering – a two-bedroom town-house in a very quiet location. Initial impressions were favourable, but some time for reflection wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we’ve seen so far!

We did a bit of shopping and then settled down over lunch (faggots, mushy peas and mash – yum yum!) to watch what’s considered by most to be the best Doctor Who episode ever! Blink!

blink1 blink2
First shown on Saturday, 9th June, 2007 and starring (the now more famous) Carey Mulligan, it’s a real spooky episode (rather than behind-the-sofa-scary) written by Steven Moffat who will be helming the new series when it starts on Easter Saturday. Even if you’re not a Who fan, this is a very watchable piece of drama and finely acted. Ironically, it’s also the episode where David Tennant, the then Doctor, hardly appears!

blink0 blink3 blink4

A lazy afternoon followed – I caught up with quite a bit of reading whilst Lee watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on ITV1.

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