OCA Committee Meeting

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image I drove to the BRIT School today for a full OCA Committee meeting. The normal crappy journey (left home 4.30am and got there just before 9am – it’s only 90ish miles!)

We were under pressure from the start as they had a VIP visit scheduled for the morning (it turned out to be Ken Livingstone) and two senior politicians and a pop-star in the afternoon (apparently they couldn’t tell us who they were) – so we told we had to be out by noon, cutting the meeting down to just two hours.

Actually, it was an efficient meeting and we were all done by about 11.50. The most interesting news of all was that many in the Committee seem to want me to be the next Chairman! Oooo-errr!

The journey back was better, as I chose to go via the Blackwall Tunnel. I left at just before 12.30 and was home by 3.45pm.

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