Pupils Reunited!

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I hadn’t travelled to London for almost three years and then today, I was here in the capital again, in just two weeks!

Recently, it was the rather excellent Doctor Who Experience with Jo; this time something much less timey-wimey – today, a small reunion of ex-school chums (Valerie, Hazel and Bob) and all official members of The Old Croydonians’ Association too!?

Our venue of choice was the German Gymnasium (ehh?, no, not that type – thankfully!) instead, the popular eatery nestled between St Pancras and Kings Cross stations. πŸ‘

We weren’t to be disappointed! A German-themed menu together with excellent service! As an example of the latter, our Waiter spotted Hazel on the receiving end of some birthday cards – and when our Desserts arrived, Hazel also received a mini-birthday cake too, complete with a lit candle! Nice touch!! πŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday, Hazel! (for Wednesday)

After the meal, we took the short walk to the British Library and enjoyed a cuppa on their Terrace. It was too blowy to sit outside, but it was still a very relaxed location with an unhurried atmosphere – the perfect end to our mini-reunion!

Let’s do it all again sometime soon! πŸ˜‰

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