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I really must allow more time for actioning things after attending OCA committee meetings. I promised myself that I’d leave yesterday’s meeting with hardly anything to follow-up on – some chance! I was up at 5.15 this morning (and that’s crazy on a Saturday! – even for me!!). I worked on stuff like follow-up letters to magazine subscribers, a bit of ghost-writing for the Chairman, Magazine content and updating the OCA website …phew! I finally sat down at 10.30 and caught up with some TV.

Mick popped round just before 2.30 to replace the lights in the bathroom and the shower-room. He ran out of time so he wasn’t able to sus-out why the external security light wasn’t working. So, all we need fixed now is the kitchen perimeter light, the ceiling lights and the cabinet lights in the front room, then all the electrics are sorted out.

We’re off to Chris and Pete’s tonight with Jo and Janet and if we’re not too late we’re going to stop-by Karen and Paul’s as well.

We got to Chris and Pete’s around 7pm. They were in fine form and it was good to catch-up with all their news. They hadn’t heard about Ann’s situation and Chris’s first comment to Ann was ‘how do you feel about it all…?’ What a nice person and just what you would expect a professional (ex) HR person to say – Nice one Chris!!) Pete was looking a lot better and his hearing has certainly improved. In fact, he only realised he hadn’t got his hearing aid in right at the end of the evening!

The food was nothing short of magnificent! Spicy prawns to start (yum-yum…very spicy!); then Chicken breasts in a lemon and bacon sauce; followed by home-made sticky toffee & banana pudding; then the cheese board. Brilliant…but stuffed as a stuffy thing who’s just been to stuffsville!

We left just after 11.30 and got home just before midnight. Jo and Janet were tired and were having an early start tomorrow, so decided to not join us at Karen and Paul’s

Tom and Julie were also there – we haven’t seen them for quite a while and it was good to catch-up. We chatted for about an hour or so and then Lewis arrived to pick them up. Boy, he’s grown; easily taller than both Mum and Dad! Lewis is home for the weekend because Julie’s Mum, Jean, is 80 tomorrow.

The early rise for me was starting to catch-up and Ann also tired so we finally left around 1.15 – and that’s pretty late for us!!!

It’s been a great day catching up with good friends. I’m laying-in until at least 6 tomorrow!!!

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