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I’m not sure why it took me so long to sort this out – I’d been thinking about the advantages of buying a router-modem that had wireless capability ever since, well… forever. With three PCs and a and a laptop already wired in to my existing wired-router, I had run out of Ethernet ports. Daft really, when the laptop had wireless capability.

speedtouch510 I was looking for an easy solution, ideally an identical make and design to my existing Speedtouch 546i (which I’ve had since October 2007) but with added wireless capability. The, quite by chance I stumbled across Digital Dave‘s website whilst searching ebay – and there it was – the Speedtouch 716yi! More-or-less identical, but with wireless (and, as a bonus, ports for a VOIP phone meaning the PC doesn’t have to be on to use Skype).

speedtouch716w The device arrived today and was really easy to set-up (after a couple of false-starts!) – within the hour, all PCs had internet access and my laptop was connecting wirelessly. The best thing about the exercise was the price – less than 30 quid – a real bargain!

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