The Last Day of Summer?

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The Aperfield Vintage Inn
Cor, what a(nother) scorcher! Surely today, with temperatures hitting 30 degrees, this must have been the last day of the really good weather.

A busy and  important day ahead. We set off early – around 8.30 – Lee stayed behind as her back was playing-up, and dropped into Neil and Debbie’s first for a catch-up. Coincidentally, Neil’s still suffering with his back, so neither were able to join us for the planned lunch with Mum.

Lunch was a significant event as it’s the first time we’ve seen Mum since her ‘season ticket’ for hospital expired a few months back!

Through various phone-calls over the past few weeks, Mum has slowly shown plenty of signs she was improving, physically and mentally – and when we arrived, it was good to see this in the flesh. She hasn’t been like this for such a long time, and whether it’s because of the medication, the natural healing process or her more positive frame of mind, who cares?, she looked good, sounded good, and by her own comments: ‘felt much, much better’. She had even booked a table for lunch at the recently renovated local, the Fox and Hounds, (now renamed the rather tongue-twisty ‘The Aperfield Vintage Inn’).

Lunch was great in every sense of the word. Mum was positive about the food and the service (phew!) – and she even managed to sink a rather large white wine spritzer. We even had dessert – all very satisfying, and we’ll certainly be going back there again.

After sorting out some of Mum’s paperwork (easy!) and trying to fix one of her kitchen drawers (impossible!), We left just after 2 and were home before 4 – that’s our best journey home from Mum’s for ages.

So, all in all, a GREAT day!

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