Sky+ HD Box gets more features

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Sky HD Box

As if my Sky+ HD Box couldn’t acquire any more features – it just has (almost!)

Those of us with this newer type of Box, will have woken up this morning to find that the (rather confusingly titled) ‘Anytime’ and ‘Anytime+’ labels in the Planner have been retired – and replaced with ‘On Demand’. This is the first step heralding a raft of updates that make this marvel of TV-tech my fave gadget currently.

Although I couldn’t find any additional new features just yet, I’ve read that this change-of-label is the first step in some really useful new stuff coming in the next few months including:

– A seven-day catchup service for all Sky channels plus BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 5OD (hhmmm, no Channel 4 service?) 
– A handy UNdelete feature for programmes you’ve removed from the planner – and wished you hadn’t

More details HERE.

Sky’s recent strategy of allowing ANY router to connect to its Box was a master-stroke, and this has opened up a shed load of additional TV delights to download. Couple that with their recently revamped Sky TV Guide, and the whole package seems light years ahead of anything else on the market.

If you haven’t got your router connected yet, there’s a really useful guide HERE on the Sky website.

And if all of this sounds like I’m NOT talking about the Sky+ Box that you have, take a look HERE at the update schedule that outlines which Boxes are getting what and when.

One last point, if you’re on some sort of data download allowance with your ISP, be careful with the downloadable HD stuff – it gobbles up bytes like nothing else – maybe up to 2Gb for a single 2 hour HD movie.

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