The School Re-opens

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The School reopens
In my capacity as Chairman of the ex-pupils association, ‘The Old Croydonians’, I was invited with many others, to see the official re-opening of the school, now reborn as: The Crescent Primary School.

It was a well supported event, with the pupils singing their school song and the head-teacher recounting how the school reinvented itself. Parents, teachers and Mayor of Croydon gave it a very special feel and I was also pleased that The Old Croydonians, was able to play a part by arranging for one of our oldest members – Reginald Whellock (99 years of age!) to cut the ribbon together with the school’s oldest pupil (somewhat younger, at 7!).

The event concluded with the unveiling of a plaque and the release of hundreds of balloons.

It was an great event, and somewhat emotional for us, the ‘old boys’ to see the old place renovated and so full of life.
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