Reading time: 2 minutes...57 on the outside, 19 on the inside! Well, that’s my ‘take’ on things! Ann took the day off and we headed for London. Winking smile Kettering Station We set off on the 8.59 from Kettering which we caught with minutes to spare because of some congestion on the way there! Phew! On arrival, the main attraction was to take a look round the London Museum, Docklands. I’ve always been fascinated by that part of London, and the transformation of the area from mostly slums to classy apartments, high-rise blocks, businesses and shopping malls has given the whole area a new feel. We love going there as it has a real buzz about it – Today was no exception! Cabot Square - Docklands The Museum was great. it didn’t look much form the outside, but inside, it was just packed with so much history about the area, it was difficult to soak it all up. Scenes from the Museum Scenes from the Museum Scenes from the Museum Scenes from the Museum Scenes from the Museum Scenes from the Museum Scenes from the Museum ..and if that wasn’t enough history, the Museum now houses the Sainsbury Archives and so it was good fun looking through all the stuff from the years that we were both working there! Sainsbury Archive Sainsbury Archive Whoosh! Then it was lunch-time – and the indifferent weather had now turned into warm sunshine! We took the Thames Clipper to Borough Market where we stopped off at Fish! for a healthy lunch. I had the tuna burger (me? Fish? Surely some mistake!), whilst Ann tucked into a gigantic fish-cake. We sat outside in the covered area and that gave us a great opportunity to people-watch. And, if watching people wasn’t interesting enough, we played sausage-watch too!!! Now the Market has more-or-less become 100% eateries, many of them specialise in sausages. Sausages-on-sticks, sausages-in-small-rolls, sausages-in-large-rolls, sausage-burgers, sausages-without-meat – almost as many types as there were people! Where's that Clipper? Fish! Lunch was GREAT! Fast service and tasty fish. If I was ever to become a vegetarian, this is the place I would go to eat!!! Then it was back on the Tube to St Pancras and home. It’s been a great day – loads of cards, loads of pressies, loads of good food and I fed my brain too!! Cards SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile Ann Angela Antoinette Bev Carol David and Val Denis Ian H and Sharon Ian McL and Ann Jo and Janet Lee Margaret and Alan Mum Neil, Debbie, Alfie and Frankie Nick and Celina Nicki Paul and Karen Philip Palmer Ralph and Karen Roger, Jane and Oliver Rosi, David, Rhiannon and Jack Sally, Amie and Zak Sue, Paul and Ben Tom, Julie, Nick, Lewis and Georgina Trish, John, Sean and Conor Valerie H Via Social Media Winking smileWinking smileWinking smileWinking smileWinking smileWinking smileWinking smile Carey H Debbie B Debi B Carey H Gill A Heather E John W Julie T John W Kate P Lydia E Maggie S Nina B Philip P Ralph G Stella H Susan S Rosi L Stefan B Stephen T Trish C and Pressies… In loveIn loveIn loveIn loveIn loveIn love Ann –  Shoes, D’Orange Verte After-Shave Bev and Ady –  DVD: Things to Come David and Val – Book: ‘1001 Cars to Drive before you Die’ Denis – Amazon Voucher Jo and Janet – Prezzo voucher and bottle of Cava Lee – Joe Brown maroon sweater Mum – £40 Cheque Nicki – DVD: The Invaders Paul and Karen, Tom, Julie and the Family, Rosi, David, Rhiannon and Jack – Bottle of Shiraz, Cheeseboard and Cheese Roger, Jane and Oliver – DVD: Parker, DVD: GI Joe, CD: Soundtrack to Human Target Thanks everyone!!! Previous Birthdays Party smileParty smileParty smileParty smileParty smileParty smileParty smileParty smile 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004

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