A Dent in Derngate!

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I haven’t been to the Derngate Theatre since November, last year, so it was good to make the return journey for a couple of reasons: First up, they were showing a performance of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Live and second, it starred my good friend, Susan Sheridan, who played the part of the original Trillian. A bit like Marmite and Jim Davidson, the whole HH ‘thang’ is a bit of an acquired taste – more my sense of humour (quirky and offbeat) but definitely not Ann’s, so she remained at home soaking up Sky Movies!!

The Characters of the 2013 Tour
The cast of characters 2013
I nearly forgot this!
Ticket for HGttG 2013

Gosh, I haven’t seen Susan for a few years now – June 2010 in fact, for her website review/update. So, we had a lot to catch-up with – a perfect excuse then for booking somewhere to eat before the 8pm performance. Having done my homework by checking out the local eateries, I selected ‘ASK’, booked the table, worked out where it was in relation to the Theatre – but it didn’t matter much as I managed to leave the map behind – but as it turned out, the restaurant was just round the corner from the Theatre. Good job I’d transferred my ticket into my wallet!
Crying face
By the time we got the restaurant just after 6, it was already very busy. Our waitress found a good table away from the noise and we started the process of catching-up, punctuated by the (excellent) food and great service!

Whoosh! 7pm, and it was soon time-up for Susan, who had to return to the theatre ahead of me for some final tweaks. Not long after, I headed for the Theatre myself and took my seat. It wasn’t quite as busy as I thought it was going to be, but there were plenty of real HH fans sporting the obligatory ‘don’t panic’ slogans by way of t-shirts, placards and the like.
Almost time...

Curtain up at just after 8 revealed the very clever lighting effects and an introductory rock-piece by the Band (I was in the upper circle, and it was LOUD!). Then, we were soon into the story-proper and I was amazed how much of it I remembered! The voices all came across loud-and-proud, and whole performance was really enjoyable – quirky and fun. It looked to me as if the players were having as much fun as their audience – a perfect combination then!

The performance finished just after 10.45 and I made my way back to the car and headed home.
Thanks Susan – it was great to see you and I REALLY enjoyed the performance!

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