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Ann had been working in Sheffield for most of the week, so we decided to celebrate the end of her manic week and take the short walk to The Vines. Yes, I know, us WALKING!, hard to believe, but it’s true!

Well, that was the plan, until Ann got caught in a really bad traffic-jam on the M1. So I put the table back from 7pm to 7.30… and then from 7.30 to 8pm.
Steaming mad
In fact, the traffic got so bad, we decided that it was best for Ann to meet me there! So much for our good planning!

As I walked into the restaurant around 7.45, there was Tom, Julie and Nick sitting in the Bar. I had a quick chat with them before looking through the menu – and choosing for Ann – whilst she hurtled along the A14, now that she was free of the jam. Actually, in the end, the timing worked out really well. Ann arrived about 8.15 – starving, and we were eating at 8.20.
vines logo

The Vines  is rapidly turning into our restaurant-of-choice. The food and service is well above average, and the walk there does make us feel less guilty about stuffing our faces!

By the end of the meal (and no doubt helped by the wine), Ann was flagging and we headed home. In spite of the crappy journey for Ann, it turned into a really enjoyable evening out!

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