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It’s my birthday.  As we’re away, I’m going to open my presents when we get back from Bury St Edmunds later.

We were both up around 8, and started to get packed. We initially planned to go to Ely Cathedral and have a look round, but the weather was cold with heavy rain, so we decided to head home and stop-off at the garden Centre in Huntingdon for a look-round.

Back to the birthday event! This year, I received cards from:

  • Ann (obviously!)
  • Bev
  • Mum
  • Mae and Denis
  • Neil, Debbie, Alfie and Frankie
  • Roger, Jane and Oliver
  • Angela
  • Antoinette
  • Carey H
  • Carol
  • David and Val
  • Ian and Ann
  • Ian and Sharon
  • Jo and Janet 
  • Lee
  • Margaret and Alan
  • Nick and Celina
  • Nicki 
  • Philip Palmer
  • Ralph and Karen
  • Rick and the girls
  • Rosi, David and Rhiannon
  • Sally and Richard
  • Tom, Julie, Nick, Lewis and Georgina
  • Trish, John and the family

Via Facebook

  • Carey H
  • Fiona Mac
  • Georgina
  • Johnny H
  • Karen M
  • Karen and Paul
  • Lynn R 
  • Rosi
  • Susan S 
  • Stella

and Pressies…

  • Ann – Eye-Fi 8GB Pro X2 WiFi Card
  • Bev – CD: Enigma ‘Seven Lives, Many Faces’
  • David and Val – Paul Smith scarf
  • Jo and Janet – Waitrose £30 Voucher
  • Karen and Paul – 10 year-old Tawny Port
  • Lee – Molton Brown travel set and a pair of wild socks
  • Mae and Denis – Blu-ray DVDs: Shutter Island’, ‘Centurion’
  • Mum – Waitrose £25 Voucher
  • Nicki –  IPod Cufflinks
  • Roger, Jane and Oliver – Blu-ray DVDs: ‘Ultimate Bourne’, ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘Knowing’
  • Tom, Julie and the Family – Bottle of Chardonnay

Any comments?