Happy Birthday to me..

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Wow! Where has this year gone? I blinked and I must have missed it!!! One moment I was celebrating my 50th in Sicily – the next, I’m at home celebrating my 51st!

A busy day work-wise, developing materials for one of my clients in Sweden.

Ann ran late so we had a belated card and pressy opening session when she got home around 8pm. I received a great range of cards again this year from…

Amanda, David and Ellie Angela Ann and Ian Antoinette Bev Carey Debbie and Stefan Jo and Janet Karen, Paul, Chris and Mark Lee and Bertie Mae and Denis Mags and Alan Margaret (Spencer) Mum Nicki Paul and Sue Philip Palmer Roger, Jane and Oliver Rosi, David and Rhiannon Tom and Julie Good pressies too!

‘Bond Tunes’ CD and Series 1 and 2 of ‘Life on Mars’ on DVD Gift Voucher for £25 from Mum M and S voucher fro £20 from Bev Facial Voucher from Jo and Janet Indian Cookery book from Karen, Paul, Chris and Mark 3 pairs of socks from Nicki Book – ‘I can Make you Rich’ by Paul McKenna from Tome and Julie A humorous oven-glove from Rosi, David and Rhiannon

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