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Well, I certainly sem to be having my fair share of PC problems just lately!

This is an unusual one. I realised last Friday that I couldn’t get access to the Windows Update page. Perhaps more importantly one of my web-menu design programs – AllWebMenusPro by Likno – just wouldn’t load or save any files!

In spite of a lot of help from Likno to help solve the AllWebMenusPro problem, we deduced that it was a Windows software problem, and AWM Pro needed the IE functionaility to work properly. It seemed that for no reason whatsoever all my ActiveX functionality was ‘broken’. In spite of trying to restore the PC (System restore wouldn’t work!) and uninstalling/reinstalling IE7 three times – it made no difference!

So, onto Dell Support who talked me through a lot of stuff at the command line as part of ‘XP repair’. Twenty minutes later, I was up and running.

That would have been the end of it but around two hours later, the same problem returned. Very very strange indeed.

So, today I did all the command line stuff again, and as I write, everything is working fine.

Dell are going to email me the command-line instructions later and I’ll post them here for others to borrow if they get themself into the same state as me!!! 3pm. It’s arrived.

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