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We’re at home for my birthday this year. That wasn’t the plan – see yesterday’s blog!


  • Ann (obviously!)
  • Angela
  • Antoinette
  • Bev
  • Carol
  • David and Val
  • Carey H
  • Denis
  • Ian H  and Sharon
  • Ian McL and Ann
  • Lee
  • Mum
  • Nick and Celina
  • Margaret and Alan
  • Neil, Debbie, Alfie and Frankie
  • Paul and Karen
  • Paul, Sue and Ben
  • Philip P
  • Ralph and Karen
  • Rick
  • Roger, Jane and Oliver
  • Rosi, David and Rhiannon
  • Sally and Richard
  • Tom, Julie, Lewis, Nick and Georgina
  • Trish, John, Conor and Sean

Via Facebook

  • Carey H
  • Gill A
  • Heather E
  • Jonathan H
  • Julie T
  • Karen M
  • Karen R 
  • Kay W
  • Lauren C
  • Lynn R
  • Ralph G
  • Rosi L
  • Sheree L
  • Stefan and Debbie
  • Stella H

and Pressies…

  • Ann – Clarins Moisturiser and Allure Homme EDT
  • Bev – iTunes vouchers
  • David and Val – Australian Travel Book
  • Denis – Blu-ray DVD: ‘Source Code’ and ‘Knight Rider – Season 1’ + iTunes voucher
  • Jo and Janet – £25 Amazon Voucher
  • Karen and Paul – Bottle of Vintage Port
  • Lee – Clinique Chemistry EDT + Cufflinks
  • Mum – Boots Vouchers
  • Nicki – Amazon voucher
  • Roger, Jane and Oliver – Blu-ray DVD: ‘Bank Job’ + iTunes voucher + Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
  • Rosi, David and Rhiannon – Tape Dispenser shaped like a cassette tape
  • Tom, Julie and the Family – Bottle of Red Wine

Thanks everyone!!! You’re very generous!

Without my car, David acted as chauffeur today and we all headed up to Stamford. After a quick look round, we had lunch at The Crown – and we ate outside. Great surroundings, good food, but sluggish service and poor attention to detail took the edge off it a bit for us – soup, but no soup spoon; Lee’s meal turned up without mash and our half-pints turned up as pints (well, maybe that’s OK!). Still, it was a nice day and I’ve enjoyed it all! Better still, they forgot to add the drinks to the bill!

Any comments?