Too Early to Mention ‘Christmas’?

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Christmas Elephant
Yes, quite possibly!

Today, we began to get into ‘Christmas-mode’. First task of the day was to review our Christmas card address list. This is always worthwhile, but always takes far longer than I think it’s going to. Every year, I think ‘Oh, there won’t be many address changes’, and every year, I discover there has been more than I thought. Is it me, or do people move house more often these days?

Additionally, this year, with the business now closed (nostalgees go HERE), I’ve filtered out the purely business addressees. It’s all part of a small cost-cutting exercise now one of us is on a pension (is that the sound of violins or just the screeches of relief from the marketplace?). However, as many of my clients became good friends over the years, the filtering process only reduced the card-count by around 75, leaving, by my calculations, about 220+ cards to write. Although writing them is still very pleasurable (certainly more fun than gardening!), it’s a big task, and one that definitely benefits from the eating elephants philosophy!

Whilst we’re on the subject of filtering, I don’t know about you, but excluding those who didn’t send us a card last year, always generates a vigorous debate in this house – ultimately, we always send far more than we receive, but I guess that’s the reality of the Christmas-card-sending-routine. We were tempted this year to fall into line with a lot of our friends and go down the ‘donate-to-a-charity-instead-of-sending-a-card’, but for 2013 at least, we can’t quite make that seismic shift to something equally generous, but a lot simpler – maybe next year!

Oh the pressure of it all! You can tell I’m retired, when I pen 250 words about Christmas Cards!!!!!!
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