Website Makeover (2021)

Yes, it’s that time again! An opportunity to refresh the look and feel of my personal website – With ‘you-know-what‘ giving many of us plenty of time on our hands at the moment, it’s been the perfect opportunity to pick up some new knowledge and skills! 🙂 In truth, I could have left it …
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Website: Active Development Ltd

Website Makeover

Desktop View With Google announcing that websites that are NOT ‘mobile-friendly’ will be penalised in search engine rankings later this April, I thought it was about time I got around to ensuring my personal website – – is compliant. Above is the standard ‘desktop’ homepage, whilst below is the vertical-scrollable version you’ll see, if …
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Too Early to Mention ‘Christmas’?

Yes, quite possibly! Today, we began to get into ‘Christmas-mode’. First task of the day was to review our Christmas card address list. This is always worthwhile, but always takes far longer than I think it’s going to. Every year, I think ‘Oh, there won’t be many address changes’, and every year, I discover there …
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