Preparing the Garden

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Look at me I've gardened!
I love a nice looking garden (who doesn’t?) but I HATE the physical preparation side of it with a passion! Give me a non-functioning PC or a web-site to design and I’m happy, but weeding, planting bulbs and pruning is just sooooo un-rewarding for me.

Tough luck then, because our garden needs a shed load of TLC to get ready for the Winter, and I need to get my finger out! Hopefully, we can call on David, our good neighbour when he’s back from holiday later in the week to lend a hand.

The only good thing about today was the weather! A pleasantly warm day that made the work tolerable (just!). In truth we didn’t do too badly. We replanted the small square feature (above), tamed the Virginia Creeper (now I know where it gets its name!), de-sludged the pond and began clearing out the planting area to the right of it. There’s still miles of work still to do, but tomorrow’s another day!

Luckily for me, the only thing that eventually stopped us doing any more work out there was the dustbin being full up with garden waste – ahh shame!
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