Return to Ascoughs Bistro

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The first time we visited Ascoughs Bistro in Market Harborough was with Bev & Jules back in June. The food and service was really good, and we decided to visit there again as soon as we could.

Today was that day and David & Valerie joined us as part of our semi-regular ‘monthly-eat-outs’ and an early birthday celebration for David and me!

It was doing a really good trade when we arrived just before 1pm – surely a good sign!

And the food did not disappoint – packed with favour and really well presented.

I’d forgotten that it had been booked as a ‘birthday meal’ for us two and the Bistro took us literally by serving us a piece of fudge topped with a lit candle! Nice touch!

Not our Birthday x2!

Without a doubt, this is joining our list of the ‘top five’ places to eat out and at £70 per couple (including service) we thought it was great value too! 👍

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