First Visit: Ascough’s Bistro, Market Harborough

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A very unassuming frontage!

It was our first visit to Ascough’s tonight – and what a beautiful evening… the best we’ve had here weather-wise for a long time. Bev and Jules picked us up, and we took the very pleasant drive over to Market Harborough. It was obviously a popular venue as even though Jules had booked quite a while ago, we couldn’t get a table until 8.30pm!!! These days, I’m normally in bed by then!!!! 😁

The ratings on TripAdvisor were impressive!

Being a Saturday night, parking was challenging, but we eventually found a (free space) and took the short walk to the eatery (just opposite Han). Two things we noticed on arrival: how busy it was and how spacious! It was good to see a restaurant that hadn’t crammed the table too close together in order to maximise covers. It was light and airy – and bursting with custom! 😁

…and the menu was imaginative too…

We were soon seated and looking through the menu, but they looked rushed off their feet. In spite of that, the service was polite and professional. That ‘rushed off their feet’ look meant it took us four attempts to get a jug of water for the table, but the food was, thankfully, in front of us much more quickly! 😉

If there was a downside, it was the plague of many restaurants these days – noise levels! In spite of the high ceiling, we did find that we had to raise our voices a little to be heard (probably not helped by the super-loud table of cackling women on the table opposite. I had a funny feeling it was the same group as I encountered when we were on the train to London, some weeks back (who were obviously on their way to the Macbeth Convention!). I just cannot do noise in restaurants these days! (poor love!!!) 🤔

It was all mouth-wateringly delicious. In addition to the pics above, the mains came with sides of vegetables. It was great value too! Two courses for £25 and three for £32.

In spite of the noise levels, I definitely think we’ll add Ascough’s to our ‘coming back’ list! (but we might take our own jug of water!) 😉

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