What a Shower!

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Even at the tender age of (almost) 66, I’m still up for trying new things. And today was one of those days! Ann and I were invited to our first Baby Shower. From what I’d read it was another of those celebratory imports from across the pond designed to mark the imminent arrival of a new screaming bundle of flesh. I’d also read that it tended to be for girls only – so, what would I be doing there? 🤔

Well, nothing actually! It was really good fun! More than 20 girls and just a few of us guys 😊. Trish had done most of the organising and that involved a mega-display of balloons whilst Kellie organised some ‘Baby Shower Games’. These included Baby Bingo; Pin the Dummy in the Baby’s Mouth (blindfolded!); telling the difference between a beer gut and a baby bulge and finally, guessing the price of baby items. Kellie’s Mum, Diane, supplied the food including a rather handsome quadruple-decker ‘Baby’ cake.

A really enjoyable event! 👍👍

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