80th Birthday get-together for Denis

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We both slept well at L and B’s, although Ann reckons there was a party going on nearby with live singers – I was vaguely aware but it didn’t interrupt me getting off to sleep. In fact, I slept right through to 7.30 (lazy bugger!).

I had a quick shower and tucked into brioche and preserves for breakfast. Ann followed shortly afterwards and tucked into Rice Krispies (far too noisy a cereal for a Sunday morning!).






We said our good-byes and headed for D and M’s caravan. Bev and Dianna were already6 there and we chatted and tucked into nibbles (including some rather tasty home-made salsa by Bev). We then all headed by car to the pub: ‘Coach and Horses’ in ye olde villageeee of Dersigham to celebrate Denis’ 80th.








The service was good and best of all they served Aspall cider –and even Denis had a half! Most of us had a roast of some kind, although Di had the curry and I had a bottomless pit masquerading as a deep-filled steak pie! – yummy. Bev, Denis and I rescued the family’s reputation of being hearty eaters by also having dessert. Denis had the cheesecake whilst Bev and I migrained our way through a death-by-chocolate taste-alike that was more chocolaty than a lump of chocolate that has been swimming in a vat of chocolate and then force-fed with chocolate by the best chocolatier from planet chocolate! And then there was the birthday cake – a rather fruity fruit cake that was so packed with ingredients, it took all of Denis’ carving skills to cut through it

The bill was the biggest surprise – six people, mains, some desserts, drinks – all for £65. Amazing!!!


We had a great time and it was a shame Roger, Jane and Oliver couldn’t make it – that would have made it even more special.

We left around 2.30 – we headed for home, whilst the others headed back to the caravan.

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