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Film - The Railway Man

and I took a rare trip to Kettering Odeon today to see The Railway Man. I say rare as it’s been ages since we both went together – the last time was when we saw Skyfall back in October, last year.

The Railway Man was the true story of Eric Lomax, who was one of thousands of Allied prisoners-of-war forced to work on the construction of the Thai/Burma railways. I didn’t think the film was going be that good – but it was – and I don’t think I took my eyes of the screen for a moment (apart from glaring at the bloke two seats down who spent most of the film rummaging in his popcorn bucket!)

I’ve always found it’s safer the glare at someone in the dark!

Back to the film: if you thought Bridge over the River Quai didn’t do much for Anglo-Japanese relations, then this film went to the next level – an altogether darker, deeper and more brutal account of how the Japanese treated allied POWs.

The acting was great all round, with a sensitive script that really involved the audience. However, if you are of a nervous disposition, be warned, as the torture scenes are pretty realistic (says he, who’s never been tortured!) and you’ll never look at a garden hose in the same way again (ouch!).

The ending is perhaps not what you expect.

Any comments?