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We drove over to Cromer today to catch up with L and B, primarily to get them on-line and into cyberspace! We had a really good journey time – just 2 hours 15 minutes and that included a driver-change just after half way.

L and B hadn’t got an internet connection when they lived in their static caravan, but now they’ve move into an apartment, the world of cyberspace awaits! I’d already got them signed-up to PlusNet, a few months back for an incredible 7 quid-a-month, so it was just a case of connecting the router and setting up things like email and favourites on their web-browser

That was the theory anyway! On booting-up the PC, it immediately froze when launching Internet Explorer – and that wasn’t a great start considering it was the only browser installed and I needed it to use it to configure the router. I installed Firefox that I’d luckily brought with me on a usb-stick, and from then on, things went very smoothly. Around an hour-and-a-half later, everything was installed and working fine.

The next stage was to give Lee an overview of what the Internet can do. It’s easy to take the Internet for granted when it’s an everyday tool – but for Lee, it was a whole new experience! Ann took Lee through shopping on-line and general ‘Windows navigation’ and we then broke for lunch.

Lunch was scrummy roast turkey and veg, but we skipped dessert and then went out for a breath of fresh air, as it was such a nice day.

P1000415  P1000422 P1000421

We wandered down into town, in the direction of the sea soaking up the very warm sunshine! The beach and surrounding area was packed. There was also a few dozen immaculate Harley-Davidson’s and their owners on an extended pit-stop and even a few microlites flying over the area too. We took a walk on and around the pier with a couple of ‘Mr Whippies and a flake’ to keep us company – it’s what Brits do!!!

P1000423 P1000420 P1000416

We took bit of time to settle on a park bench next to the putting green to soak up the Sun. We then headed back to L and B’s.
When we got back around 4pm, we continued the training session!

mouse So, in order of importance:

– More instruction on how to shop on-line
– How to use email

By 5pm, Lee had done really well and managed to order some goods from Amazon and her next shopping list courtesy of Tesco online. Her biggest challenge seemed to using the mouse buttons, but with a bit more practice, proficiency ensued – well done Lee!

Time for afternoon tea and cake followed by a short PC session for Lee on how to use email; the wonders of Google Maps; and (surely the most fantastic PC/Internet innovation ever), the BBC iPlayer.

Phew!!! that’s enough technology for today – time to eat (again)!

DVD_HalfMoonStreet After a fantastic fry-up, we settled down to watch ‘Half Moon Street‘ starring Michael Caine and Sigourney Weaver. Released in 1986, it tells the story of a woman who supplements her income by moonlighting as an professional escort.
A good(ish) film – maybe not quite as good as it deserved to be with the two big-name leads.


Bertie went to bed around 8 o’clock ( he hadn’t been feeling too well today), Ann followed around 8.45pm leaving Lee and I to see the film out.

We’ll be leaving for Denis and Mae’s after breakfast tomorrow around 10.30am.

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