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italian_menu_13_june_2009 The neighbours came round for our ‘Italian Evening’. Tom and Julie; Jo and Janet; John and Trish; Stefan and Debbie; David and Rosi and Paul and Karen were all there. We hadn’t got together like this round here for quite a while!

Ann had spent most of the week getting prepared for today by scouring various cook-books and playing to her culinary talents – I designed the menu!

Debbie, Karen and Rosi pitched-in by creating some of the dishes and as a result, we all enjoyed a really scrummy meal that would have rivalled the best restaurants. Everyone was in good spirits, but poor Julie was suffering with cold-like symptoms.

Luckily, the weather was on our side – The gloriously hot and dry weather continued throughout the day and into the evening. Even though it turned cool in the evening, the lighting of our chiminea helped as the sun went down. Historically, this lighting ‘ceremony’ has always been a difficult task, but by using some screwed-up newspaper, various pieces of wood, together with an ‘instant bbq’ pack, the whole thing took on a life of its own, shooting flames into the night-sky – it was certainly a conversation point! …and very nearly became a location point for the fire-service!

We were all able to sit-out until almost midnight – a rare treat – it was just perfect, a very still night, no wind and just the right temperature. Conversation has never been a problem for us all – we discussed how we’re all doing work-wise and generally put the World to-rights. There was even talk of the ‘Spinney Monster’ and that got some of us thinking!
P1000353At around midnight, most of the gang headed for home, suitably stuffed and watered, whilst Tom, Paul and Karen stayed on for a bit. We got to bed around 1.30am.

It was a great evening and nice too see everyone together.

If only all summer evenings were like this!

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