The Party Season Begins…

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image We drove over the Leicester to pick-up Ann’s 25th Anniversary present – jewellery!! However on impulse, we decided not to go back to Goldsmith’s where we’d seen some nice stuff last week – instead we dropped into George Tarratt just down the road from Ann’s office as they had a much better range (with some eye-watering prices to match!!!) Job done, the item is on order and should be ready for collection next Thursday.

We got back about noon and planned to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting into the party spirit! It wasn’t to be!!! Ann contacted the Vet‘s to arrange a date to get the cats in for their annual injections, but apparently they come in two parts..and the deadline for ‘part 1’ was today..this afternoon…right now…in fact they close in 45 minutes!

So, we quickly assembled the cats and placed them in their cat-carriers (more like a battle actually) and drove to the Vet‘s. Wow! was it busy, full mostly of dogs and one particularly ‘yappy’ type whose loud ‘yap’ cut through the air with the ferocity of a loud yappy dog – pass the Anadin purleazze! Unluckily for our eardrums, we must have waited a good 45 minutes, but at least ‘yappy’ went in before us.

On being seen, the Vet got off to a brisk and well practised routine. Biscuit eventually swallowed the worming tablet after a bit of a struggle, and a bit of foaming at the mouth, but Bob-Bon was having none of it. The Vet decided (in the interest of personal safety) to give her the liquid-on-the-back-of-the-neck version. All done, phew!!! but they’re back in two weeks for ‘part 2’. I can’t wait..!

thornhillarms-758305 Onto more pleasant things then. Tonight, it’s Julie T’s surprise 50th birthday party at the Thornhill Arms. We’ve only been there once before – back in May 2007 with David and Val, for a meal, so we weren’t sure what the function room would be like. We picked up Rosi, David and Rhiannon and took Felt Tip Thieves... the short drive to the pub arriving around 7pm as planned. (I realised then, that I’d for gotten the camera! Doh!!!) It was raining quite heavily and parking was pretty challenging! Jo and Eileen (Tom’s parents) were already there and we all soon settled down in the room that would hold about 80 or so Tom and Julie enjoying the celebration... people. Friends gradually arrived and it soon filled up. At around 7.40 Julie and Tom arrived, and although I couldn’t actually see Julie’s face – I’m told she looked shocked and speechless – and the latter, was apparently, very a very unusual situation!!!!

All-in-all it was a good very good great do. There a was a brilliant party atmosphere and the band that Nick plays bass for – The Felt Tip Thieves did a good gig. Their sound has matured since we saw them last in Kettering in October 2008 at Sopranos. The food was good too!

Tom had done a great job of keeping it all quiet for this long – well done mate!

We left after the Band had finished, dropped off Rhiannon and collapsed into bed around 11.45.

Continuing in the party spirit, tomorrow, we’re round to Paul R’s for an afternoon of drinking and gossiping as part of the celebration for his 50th birthday!

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