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Party invite 14 August 2010 
So, here we are, the day of the party has finally arrived. It’s a Mexican theme this time and we’ve laid on quite a spread – and invited most of our neighbours. We’re praying for good weather, but the signs aren’t good – rain, rain and more rain punctuated by short bursts of sun!

Mexican Menu 14 August 2010Only Jules & Bev, David & Rosi and John & Trish couldn’t make it on the night, so that left us with (just!) 16 mouths to feed and water – hey, no problem!!! Lee acted as sous-chef, washer-upper and ‘GDB’ in the kitchen – later joined by Nikki – and that was a great help!

I’d created a couple of chilli-con-carnés – a mild one and super-spicy one, whilst Ann concentrated on the complicated stuff like the pavlova (hardly Mexican in origin, but then the title of the party wouldn’t have worked!). The result was a pretty full-on-feast!

We also wrote a short quiz to test everyone’s knowledge of the recent World Cup and soccer in general.

As we got closer to 7.15, the weather remained unpredictable – just like it had done all day, so we abandoned the idea of eating outside.

Everyone arrived on time and we were soon tucking into he tasty starters. Once we got all the food laid out, it became obvious that we’d slightly over-done things in terms of quantity! I reckon here was probably enough to feed around 30 people, rather than 16!! – looks like it’s going to be Mexican week for me, this week coming in terms of breakfast, lunch and dinner – enchilada and corn-flakes anyone!!!!


The calm before the storm? 

Yummy! Hot Stuff! Labels for the Cheese board

Lee and Nicki kept on top of the washing-up (thank goodness!), in fact, everyone lent a hand, and by the time we’d moved onto tea and coffees, we were up-to-date with everything washed and dried – the result being that there wasn’t a horizontal surface left in the kitchen and surrounding area (still, better to have that, than coming down on Sunday morning to a shed load of wreckage!!!)

Phew! What a great evening – just too much delicious food and drink for us all to handle! I think we got to bed around 00.30 – stuffed and shattered in equal measure!

Party Animals:

  • David and Val
  • Jo and Janet
  • Lee
  • Nicki
  • Paul and Karen
  • Stefan and Debbie
  • Tom and Julie
  • Trevor and Fiona

Thanks to everyone for coming – It was great to see you all and we glad you enjoyed the food! Please drop in anytime you like next week for more of the same – I think there’s enough to get us through until October!!!

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