Angela’s 60th Birthday Party

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image We travelled down to Isleworth today for Angela’s 60th birthday party – yes, I know, her birthday was in February!

It’s quite a long drive from home, so we arranged to pick-up Denise and Steve in Bedford who’d also been invited – it would have been daft them doing the journey too as they’re so close to us. We got to theirs around 1.45 and headed onwards more-or-less immediately towards the M1. That was the easy bit as it turned out that the M25 was the problem area – I’d forgotten to make allowances for the long-term roadworks and consequently, we crawled through them for 30 minutes or so arriving at Angela’s just after 3.30.

There was already quite a few people there – the only two we recognised was Rick A and then June P. All-in-all, I guess around 50 people were there in total.

It was a great atmosphere and the food was nothing short of brilliant! A great variety, and not a sausage roll in sight. Angela was a great host and got us mingling! The weather held (just) and we only suffered one downpour. Thoughtfully, Angela had erected a small gazebo adjoining the end of her patio doors, and that gave us all somewhere to shelter from the rain.

After a quick nibble of desserts (also excellent – check-out the mini-cheesecakes!), we said our good-byes and left around 6.45pm and had a good journey back preferring to go via Hangar Lane and M1 north rather than suffer the M25 again. We arrived at Denise and Steve’s around 8.15pm and stayed for a coffee and chocolates – Denise had bought me a whole box for doing the driving – yummy!

We left theirs around 9.15 and not long into the journey, there was a torrential down-pour of rain which slowed us down quite a bit. We got in about 9.45 – Ann had a bath and I caught up with a bit of TV.

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