DVD: Taken (Blu-ray)

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DVD_Taken_BluRay We watched Taken with David and Val tonight round at ours tonight. Starring Liam Neeson it was the ‘extended harder cut’ version … (ouch!). Just before we started watching the film, I served my chili-chicken for the main-course and Ann’s served her brioche and butter Apricot pudding about half-way through.

The storyline? Neeson’s daughter is kidnapped in Paris for no apparent reason and he sets out to rescue her – whatever it takes! A pretty violent film from start to finish, but also very watchable. Action hero is not a role normally undertaken by Liam Neeson, but he was very convincing throughout and the film had an especially tense final 15 minutes – one of our fave films so far this year, but the sugary-sweet happy-endings so apparent in modern American movies was, in my view unnecessary.
Karen and Paul had invited us round to theirs, but we were just too knackered after we’d cleared up.

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