Ahoy-there Ship mates…

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Just call me Captain Pugwash – yes, it’s Ann and me on a boat! David and Val’s boat to be precise – the good ship Carusa. We nearly didn’t go at all because of the weather – but it started to brighten up and after packing a few provisions, we left around 1pm for Buckden Marina.

By the time we got there, the weather was even warmer and so it was top down and we set sail in the direction of Godmanchester. I even got to drive, pilot, steer, point the vessel. This was a tricky manoeuvre because the effect of turning the steering wheel was slightly delayed, and I hadn’t accounted for wash and the wind – in fact, I was all over the place steering-wise at times! At one point, a guy painting his dinghy, shouted at me to slow down – I must have been doing all of 10 knots. It took a lot of concentration and was great fun! 

We eventually broke out the provisions and that certainly kept the hunger at bay until our destination – Godmanchester.

We arrived in there around 1.30 and parked moored the boat. Time to take a slow relaxed walk around Godmanchester.  The sun was really shining now and it was gorgeous, just wandering around in the good weather. Ann and I tucked into an ice-cream each from a Mr Whippy van and then we all made our way back to the boat.

We arrived back at the Marina around 5.15 and then headed home. It’s been a great day and I’m glad we took a risk with the weather.

David and Val are round to us for my ‘chilli-chicken’ later.

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