Return (of the return) to Saxon Mill

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We returned to the Saxon Mill in Warwick today to meet up with Alan and Mags (Ian & Ann couldn’t make it).

This is now becoming our most-visited out-of-Kettering eatery. To date, the food and service has always been top-notch – but today was a little different. It was certainly very busy when we sat down around 12.30, but their popularity seemed to impact on the table service that although, polite and professional, was a little slow as a knock-on from the kitchen that was clearly under a bit of extra pressure.

Quite a view!

Still, we had a great view whilst we waited! 👍😁

It’s been a while since we all met here in March 2020 as in the meantime, we’ve been ‘surviving’ on Zoom calls to keep in touch – but you can’t beat the real thing, can you – and it was good to be back! 😁 👍

A great menu

There was a lot to choose from on the menu where the Lamb Koftas (Starters) and the Buttermilk Chicken, Somerset Brie & Bacon Pie (Mains) turned out to be a popular choice.

Before we knew it, it was gone 3 o’clock! After a quick coffee, we settled-up and said our goodbyes.

In spite of the less-than-five-star service, we had a great time! 😁

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