Return to The Saxon Mill

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The Saxon Mill is rapidly becoming our most regular restaurant-of-choice when meeting our friends ‘from the West’ – and today was no exception! (Either there or The Lamport Swan). The last time we met up with ‘the Westerners’ (Ian, Ann, Mags and Alan) for one of our regular three-monthly catch-ups was back in September last year. The observant amongst you will note it was actually SIX months ago! ? We’re so busy being retired, this was the earliest date we could all make it! ?

Once seated for our 12-noon booking, we were greeted with an abundance of menus! ?, but being poor pensioners, we all opted for the fixed-price offer (£13.50 for two courses, £17.50 for three!). ?
Rodriguez (from Mexico) introduced himself as our Server, and he did a good job of looking after us!! ?

The food was its normal excellent quality, although it did take them a second try to get my Melting Chocolate Bomb to actually melt! ?

Never seen the River level this high!

We left around 2.45 and that had given us all plenty of time to catch up with everyone’s news. Next get-together is on Thursday, June 11th at, yes, you guessed it – The Lamport Swan! ?

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