Holiday: Devon and Cornwall – Day 9/15:

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Morning Monday! Morning reader! We’re on day 9 of our holiday here in the south-west. Today, we checked out of The Alverton Hotel here in Truro and headed furthest from home – to Helston. It’ll be our first stay, ever, in an AirBnB – it’s called The Piggery 😃

As per normal, we couldn’t check into our new accommodation until later in the day, so we planned to take in some sights along the way including the town of Helford, National Trust’s Lizard Point, Mullion Cove (also National Trust) and finally, Helston. We can’t visit Glendurgan Gardens (National Trust) en-route as it’s closed on Mondays.

9.22am: We’re off!! Bye-bye Truro… next stop, Helford.


10.27am: At this stage of the holiday, there’s a small chance that we’d be suffering with an overdose of beautiful scenery! “Another day, another gorgeous view“. Helford might have been a case in point.

Getting there was a nightmare of twisty-turny roads, but we eventually made it to the pay-and-display car park (£3, all day)! The famous estuary was just a walk away.

Helford village is located on the south bank of the Helford river, and it seemed that whichever direction you looked, the view was amazing. This location has been rated in 2020 as one of the most beautiful villages in the UK – and we could see why!

Probably one of the nicest views from a car park ever!

Back in the day, Helford was famous for its smugglers and pirates, these days it’s more likely to be populated by celebrities tending to their 4th/5th/6th…20th property!

We took the short walk through the tiny village, past the houses and (few) shops to get closer to the Estuary.

Follow me…

We followed the signs that took us on a narrow path, and eventually got our dose of ‘daily beauty’.

Another few hundred metres, and we probably got the best view of all – the Estuary!

The Estuary

That was a great start to our day! The weather was now the best it’s been since we arrived over a week ago – and that made this location even more spectacular. Next stop? A date with the Lizard!

Lizard Point (National Trust)

11.35am: Here we are at National Trust’s Lizard Point – England’s most southerly point. Infamous in the past as a site of shipwrecks (all together now: “Arrrrrrrrrr!“) and overlooking what is still one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

And talking of ‘busy’, the shipping lanes had nothing on the traffic already in the car park. It was only Monday, and it was packed!. We could hear the staff already talking about opening the overflow car park – and this was just late morning!

And it was easy to see the attraction: plenty to see, plenty to walk, and plenty to discover – and in our time there, we really only scratched the surface.

The day was now getting even warmer and where the Sun really brought out the colours of the land, sea and sky.

Wow! What a location the Lizard is! We also took the short walk ‘to the left’ and had a close-up view of the Lizard Lighthouse…

The Lizard was all very impressive, and as we headed for the exit, others seemed to think so too, as the car park was now full – and the overflow was close to err, overflowing. I wonder if we’ll see anywhere else on this holiday that will top Lizard Point for the pure WOW factor? Onwards to our next stop: Mullion Cove.

Mullion Cove (National Trust)

12.31pm: I think we just have somewhere to top Lizard Cove! Beautiful Mullion Cove was just seven miles way – again taking in some narrow, twisty roads as we got closer. – but it was worth the chicanery!

Like so many harbours and coves in these parts, the parking is often some way from the attraction (for obvious reasons). Mullion Cove is no exception and we parked in the first parking area we saw (at £3 all day). It was then just a five-minute walk to the Cove and although we saw another parking area that was cheaper (£1 all day!) nearer our destination, at least our car was parked in the shade!

The National Trust took ownership of the Cove in 1945 and there is still a small fishing community here. For us, it easily won the award for ‘most unspoilt’ and you could have easily used it as a film-set without too many alterations. What a gem we had discovered!

After sampling some of the local ice-cream, we headed as far as we could walk to take in the views…

Yes, definitely the most beautiful, unspoilt location we’ve been to, since we arrived.

No Big Macs here!

1.15pm: Obviously, no McDonalds at the Cove (thank goodness!), so it was a quick lunch in the car! (that’s not my trousers, it’s a tea-towel!) #FashionVictim

Next stop… Helston, just 20 minutes away.

Sainsburys at Helston

2.18pm: Our weekly dose of ‘retail therapy’ was courtesy of the Sainsbury’s at Helston. What a lovely store! Light, airy and very wide aisles. We dropped in, not for nostalgic reasons, but to pick up enough food for the next four days at our AirBnB stay in Helston.

Helston Town

3.12pm: We had around 45 minutes to kill before we could check-in at The Piggery, so we decided to look around the nearby town of Helston.

A lovely town that reminded us of Uppingham or Stamford, closer to home. There were plenty of small independent shops nestled amongst the bigger chains.

Away from the shops, the architecture looked mostly Georgian.

Lovely! Next stop? Our home for the next four nights…

The Piggery (AirBnB)

3.58pm: Well, here we are – our first AirBnB (ever) – The Piggery It all seems very well appointed.

Best of all, not only are we super-comfortable, the property also comes with EV charging too! 20.5 kW to fill us up, and we’re ready for tomorrow!


St Michael’s Mount and the Minack Outdoor Theatre for a performance of The Pirates of Penzance! (For the last time in this Post… “Arrrrrrrr”!) ☠️

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