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We picked up Lee and  dropped into the local Odeon tonight to see ‘The Artist’. This is the film that was made to look like an old black-and-white silent movie and tells the story of an artiste struggling to make the transition to the ‘talkies’. It’s not always a good sign when you hear that the star that stole the show is A DOG!!!!!!

Was it any good? In these days of 3D, Dolby Digital Sound, iMax and of course, colour, it’s easy to forget that none of these necessarily make a film good – and the key factors rely on a good story, good story-telling and of course, competent acting. In my opinion, this film had them all, and nothing else really mattered. It was easy to see why was this film so successful at the recent BAFTAS. OK, it was a fairly predictable storyline, but I was totally engrossed in the story – it was simply brilliant!

five star

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