The Burger and the Politician

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Those of a superstitious nature might have felt that today’s lunch was never meant to happen!

I’d agreed to meet up with Alison W in Peterborough for our normal twice-yearly get together. We’d met back in February at The Granary and although the lunch there was ‘OK’ we decided that this time we’d try somewhere different. The first barrier was both of us reading about our intended location – The Ramblewood Inn on Trip Advisor – and being put off by the bad reviews. So, at the last minute, instead, Alison booked the Fox and Hounds who, lucky for us, had just introduced a new menu.

OK, so that was the first barrier dealt with, and all was going well – until I got to the road that led to the Pub – It was closed for bridge repairs!

Not being a local AND being hopeless with directions, is not a great combination, and I had no idea how to find the venue from where I was. Even Google maps threw a bit of a wobble and kept taking back to the closed-off road. However, with Alison’s help, and some newly discovered diversion signs, I arrived in good time, closely followed by Alison.

We weren’t sure what to expect as we walked in, but we needn’t have worried! A warm greeting, a seat by the window and a menu where it was hard to choose from (because everything looked so good) made it a very, very pleasant experience all round. The high point, (or the low point, depending on your politics) was that towards the end of our meal, in walked Ian Duncan Smith with two bodyguards – and it was easy to spot his vehicle in the car-park on our way out: a chunky Range Rover with privacy glass all round.

As the food and service was so good, we’ll probably come here again next year when we meet up.

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