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I’m posting this so that others needn’t go through the same steep learning curve as me, trying to sort out (deep breath!) ”Blogger posts’ visibility using a sub-domain, after a change of domain host”. I spent about 5 hours in all, trawling the net and ringing support-techies for the answer. Lucky I’m retired with nothing else to do!!!!

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Techies, read on:

I’m grateful to the Blogger community and in particular, Peter Chen, who challenged some of my assumptions and pointed me in the right direction.

In short, if you have a SUB-domain, and your Blog is hosted by Blogger, you need to ensure you add a CNAME entry and tweak the DNS settings for your domain accordingly. Different providers have slightly different methods, but it goes roughly like this:

– Log into your domain dashboard

– Set up your sub-domain (and give it time to become ‘ready’)

– When it’s ready, go back to your dashboard and select your sub-domain

– Find the DNS menu option and choose ‘edit’

– Select CNAME

– Add as the alias

– Click OK

– Allow 24 hours for it to take effect (although mine was ready in 5)

– Enjoy a large glass of wine!
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Update 18th September: Since I wrote this, I’ve created another subdomain linked to Blogger blog, I’ve discovered that you MAY also be requested (by Blogger on its settings page) to add a SECOND cname and ‘Alias’ (that both consist of random numbers and letters) to prove that you are the owner of the sub-domain. Full instructions will become available when you setup the initial divert on your Blogger setting’s page.

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