A Day in Teigh

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It was a great drive over to see our friends Nick and Celina today – and to see what progress they’d made with their recently acquire property – and to see their new additions to the family: ‘Salt’ and ‘Pepper’ – two six-week-old black and white kittens.

Wow! what a transformation to the house since we were last there almost a year ago – and even though there’s still plenty to do, what they have done was very tasteful.

Then it was off to a local Garden Centre – Gates for a quick look round (fantastic!) before dropping into The Wheatsheaf in nearby Langham for lunch

Delicious food awaited in the shape of an ‘Indian Risotto’ and a ‘Mega Waffle to Share’

Then it was back to theirs for a quick cuppa before making our way home. Another fine day with friends!

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