Market Harborough

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Market Harborough

Nicki stayed overnight and with a complete change in the weather compared to yesterday (today – hot & sunny, yesterday – rain, rain and more rain!), we decided to head over to Market Harborough to look for some more bits and pieces for the office/bedroom conversion. Result! We managed to find some suitable glasses, two cups & saucers, teaspoons, a decorative water bottle and a coffee carafe – all perfectly colour co-ordinated!

Pizza Express - Market Harborough

After a quick look round the town, we headed off to Pizza Express for lunch. Ann and Nicki went for a the calorie-conscious pizza (actually a ‘normal’ pizza with salad in the middle covering up a hole! – they’d cut a circle out of the middle meaning less pizza = less calories. Genius!!). I had the spiciest one I could find complete with maximum calories!!!

Then, it was off home, for a snooze in the sun and then a veg-out in front of the TV.

Nicki left around 5, leaving Ann and to spent the rest of the day catching-up with Sky+ – It’s a tough life!!!

(My first opportunity to try out the camera on my new Galaxy S4 – I’m impressed with the results!)

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