Who Moved My Cheese? (Part 2)

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As planned, the replacement fridge arrived today – and after yesterday’s fiasco (in Who Moved My Cheese? – Part 1) attempting to remove the cabinet door (that I needed to keep) from the fridge door (that I didn’t!), I was hoping that installing would be a far more straightforward job than removing!

Sooo much cardboard!

It's a fridge!!!
Probably the hardest part was getting the fridge out of the cardboard box!!!
Winking smile

Almost there...
…and then it was a simple process of sliding it into position…

Lucky I don't service cars - what are these for?
..and then afterwards, working out what all these ‘spare’ nuts, bolts and brackets are for!
Surprised smile
I suspect they’re something to do with re-fitting the cabinet door to the fridge door!

Almost sorted!
OK, it’s not quite finished – I’ve still got to fit the cabinet door to the front, but it’s almost sorted – at least it all fits! Tomorrow’s task? Re-fitting the cabinet door!

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