Wallpaper sorted!

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a Wallpaper in Gold with a Textured Vinyl finish

In what what seemed like a few gazillion hours searching the internet, and as a result,  enough samples in the post to cripple the postman, we eventually tracked down what we’d been searching for:

“Lucia Wallpaper in Gold with a Textured Vinyl finish”

Wallpapering begins in a few weeks – a big job needing 18 rolls of wallpaper – and for those that know me well, you’ll be pleased to hear that it WON’T be me doing it! A pasting-brush and I make a lethal combination!! and I’m therefore leaving it to the professionals – and I don’t mean Bodie and Doyle!

Honor will be returning, after doing such a fab job on the office-into-a-bedroom papering a few months ago.

Retro lighting look
I think the ‘retro-look’ lighting needs a rethink though!
Open-mouthed smile

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