Holiday – Day 7: Barcelona

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One of the GREAT things about cruising is that you get to see lots of different countries – and only have to unpack once! The downside (and it doesn’t happen too often) is that you are at the mercy of mother-nature, and in particular, the bad weather at sea when you’re between ports – and unlike being on dry land,  you can’t get away from it!

The night just gone was one of those times. We both woke just before midnight, with the the ship rocking quite violently from side-to-side, and then just to make things interesting, up and down too – all in a random fashion. ‘OK’ we thought, ‘no problem, it’ll be over shortly’. Err no! It seemed to go on for ages – the next time I looked at the clock, it was 3.05am! – Eeek, what a night..three hours of testing our centre-of-gravity! I’ve got sea-legs, but I think they went walkies somewhere! We reckon it was one of the worst we’ve experienced in recent years – one of those times when you wouldn’t want to be at sea in anything smaller than 90000 tons!! (We learned later that it had been a Force 10 – that’s pretty high!)

Looking out to sea from the docking point in Barclelona
Now all we need is a good night’s sleep. I think today will be a case of finding somewhere quiet on deck, whilst the rest of mankind invades Barcelona, and … zzzzzzzzzzz!

10.30: We were in luck as we found an almost deserted area next to the pool (but under cover) – a proper sun-trap, we felt like tomatoes in a greenhouse!
The Pool area
11.30: Enough of being tomatoes, we braved the elements and sat round the pool – others were in their swim-wear, but we were more constrained, refusing to reveal all that un-ironed flesh! (yuk!)

12.45: Time for a spot of lunch!

14.00: Ann’s in the gym, I’m doing the next best thing – heading for the Theatre and the film: ‘The A Team’ – I wonder if it’ll be as bad as the critics said it was, when it was released at the cinema.

16.00: Actually, the film turned out better than expected. Not that that the number of people in in the cinema was an indication!
Spot the customer!!! 
Liam Neeson starred, although I don’t think the role stretched him at all. I’d not heard of the other three playing the leads – ‘BA’, ‘Face’ and ‘Murdoch’, but I bet ‘the yoof’ had. In fact, thinking about the stars and the storyline, I’m not sure why they called it The A Team at all – the story held-up perfectly well as a buddy/heist/double-cross/surprise twist movie without the need for any link to the title! Even their famous GMC truck got crushed in the first hour!!

16.45: Time for a quick snooze, before I change my socks – as it’s a ‘formal’ evening tonight

18.00: A great meal in the restaurant.

20.30: Off to the Theatre to see a stand-up comic called Adrian Walsh. He was excellent, but he had to work the audience hard.

21.45: We’re shattered – let’s hope there’s no storms tonight – a good night’s sleep would be great!

Cartagena tomorrow…

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