Beckworth Emporium

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You would have thought that having lived in these parts for so long, we would know every good place to shop and eat – not so!

Friends had mentioned Beckworth Emporium in the past, and although we’d mentally added it to our ‘places-to-go-when-there’s-not-much-else-to-do’, we had never actually been there – and it’s only a short drive away near Sywell Airport.

The Garden Centre
The Garden Centre

We had heard good reports, and on arrival, the unassuming entrance and the smallish car-park didn’t really give us much of a clue as to what to expect inside. All I can say is: ‘Wow!’. Home to Hambleton Farm’s produce, not only did it have fresh fruit and veg, a deli and fresh meat counter, frozen foods and lots of unusual ready-meals (all at prices that were surprisingly low for an ‘independent’), there was a restaurant (bursting at the seams) and very nice garden centre too!

The Restaurant
The Restaurant

We queued for lunch and after a short wait, were given a table in the covered terrace (a sort of massive greenhouse). The place was really buzzing and there really wasn’t a spare seat to be had (a good sign!). The service was excellent and we were served pretty quickly given how busy they were. Our main courses were nicely presented and packed with flavour – yummy! We squeezed in a dessert, one-between-two before a final look round.

Our final wander round the garden centre and the shop after lunch confirmed to us that this is one of the area’s best-kept secrets! We’ll definitely be returning sometime soon, and no doubt, if you’re staying with us, we’ll put it on the itinerary!!

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