Lunch with Alison W

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I drove over to Peterborough today in Marco – its first long(ish) journey since taking ownership a few weeks ago. It’s running a lot faster now I’ve added red car mats!
Putting fuel in it was like going back in time – 25 quid and the tank is now three-quarters full! (that’s a big difference to my previous car).
Full Tank: c£35

Vauxhall Insignia - loved it!
Full Tank: c£100 (even with a wind turbine on the roof!!!!)
Sad smile

Alison had arranged a table at Café Clarkes, the restaurant inside the Key Theatre in Peterborough and although the place was empty when we got there, it did start to fill-up just as we left! The food punched well above its weight, and I successfully managed to navigate round my banned substances list for Lent and still have a very enjoyable meal.

We chose a table by the window, which initially seemed like a good move, but an hour-or-so later, we felt like we were in a  greenhouse – still, with all the c*** weather recently, it was a nice problem to have!

See you later in the year Alison!

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